The closed-door roundtable meeting in Johor, held on December 7, 2023, delved into the theme “Johor the next Regional Hub for BRI: Opportunities and Strategies”.

Johor is marked as the third stop for our nationwide BRI tour, where leaders and stakeholders passionately share their insights on sustainable development in Johor during the meeting hosted by YB Arthur Chiong Sen Sern. 40 stakeholders engaged in strategic discussions to explore strategies and policy recommendations within the context of BRI, to discuss and analyze the potential of the Iskandar Special Economic Zone.

The diverse range of perspectives offered by participants from commerce chambers, development authorities, financial institutions, legal experts, and community representatives highlighted both the opportunities and challenges facing the region.

Additionally, concerns were raised regarding policy clarity, talent acquisition, infrastructure readiness, and the potential impact of high-tech data centers on the local community. The meeting underscored the need for transparent policies, collaborative efforts to address infrastructure challenges, and a balanced approach to foreign investments that prioritizes the welfare of local businesses and residents.

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